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Our warranty is usually only valid for China and the place we have agent there. The warranty period is usually 1 year / 2000 hours for our new equipment, and it depend on which count down first. Surely the life time will be longer than the warranty period.

For the place outside China and we do not have agent there, we are sorry we will NOT include the high cost for our warranty and maintenance in your place when making the offer. So the price may be low for some place outside China and we do not have agent there. When arranging shipment for your equipment, we will enclose some standard parts & tools, which can handle most events. If you need, we will recommend you the additional wear parts for 1 or 2 year for more guarantee.

Besides, in case of event you can not handle, you tell us the details. Our engineer will guide you,  and we will supply you the necessary wear parts at cost price. So the maintenance cost is very low.

As you know, some problem may happen due to wrong use or no timely maintenance, which is not according to our manual book, however, this is not a quality problem, and we will advise you the related part in the manual book. If you need our people to go your place for training the operation and maintenance, all the related charges and cost should be borne by you.

If any problem proved to be manufacturing fault, we will replace the parts free charge for you.

Our equipments are with reliable good quality, and have already been exported to many countries. If you properly maintain it and use it according to the manual book, it is usually no problem. With replacement of wear parts, it can be operated well for much more years.

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