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H.S.8429 1110 00 >235.36kw (320hp)

H.S.8429 1190 00 ≤235.36kw (320hp)


Bulldozer, China Bulldozer, Bulldozer with ROPS cab, D6, D7, D7LGP, D8, D9


* A bulldozer is a tracked tractor equipped with a dozer blade used to push large quantities of soil, sand, rubble, etc.

During construction work, the bulldozer is typically equipped at the rear with a ripper to loosen densely-compacted materials.

LGP type bulldozer is usually with wider track shoe for Low Ground Pressure. LGP type bulldozer is mainly for marsh land. Considering the marsh land soil is usually loose and not much hard and compact, so LGP type bulldozer usually have not been equipped with ripper.

Our bulldozer is on basis Cat technology. Around 60% parts of our bulldozer can be exchanged with Cat bulldozer. Typically the bulldozer is with track in triangle shape.


Model Engine Power Machine Weight Dimension
L * W * H
Note Photo
D9 Cummins 316kw(430hp)@1800rpm 49t
including ripper
including ripper
  Bulldozer D9.jpg (123KB)
D8 Cummins 243kw(325hp)@1900rpm 40t
not including ripper
not including ripper
with Russian certificate Bulldozer D8.jpg (172KB)
D7 Cummins 169kw(226hp)@2100rpm 28t
including ripper
including ripper
with Russian certificate Bulldozer D7.jpg (145KB)
D7LGP Cummins 169kw(226hp)@2100rpm 24.7t 7190*4382*3402mm with Russian certificate
with wide track shoe 914mm
Bulldozer D7LGP.jpg (211KB)
D6 SHANGCHAI C6121 131kw(175hp)@1900rpm 16.2t
not including ripper
not including rippe
with Russian certificate Bulldozer D6.jpg (79KB)

All specifications are approximate. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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