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High purity, Low noise!




Medical Oxygen Concentrator | Hospital Oxygen Concentrator




Medical Oxygen Concentrator



Model JAY-5 JAY-8 JAY-10
Flow Rate 0~5LPM 0~8LPM 0~10LPM
Power Consumption ≤550W ≤550W ≤880W
Net Weight 26KGS 26KGS 27KGS
Purity 93%±3%
Outlet Pressure 0.04~0.07MPA (6~10PSI)
Sound Level ≤50db
LCD Display switch times, operating pressure, present working time, accumulated working time, presetting time, from 10min to 40hours.
Alarm for power failure, high & low pressure
Size 365*375*600mm


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Hospital Oxygen Concentrator



Model JAY-15 JAY-20 JAY-30 JAY-40 JAY-60
Flow Rate 0~15LPM 0~20LPM 0~30LPM 0~40LPM 0~60LPM
Power Consumption ≤850W ≤1100W ≤1650W ≤2200W ≤3300W
Net Weight 90KGS 95KGS 140KGS 160KGS 245KGS
Size 680*500*1580mm 860*630*1580mm 860*630*2120mm
Purity 93%±3%
Outlet Pressure 0.04~0.07MPA (6~10PSI)
Sound Level ≤60db


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