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Paddy Thresher


H.S.8433 5200


Paddy thresher is a device that first separates the grain from the straw head, and then further separates the kernel from the rest of the head.

Our paddy thresher can automatically thresh about 4000KGS per hour.

The paddy thresher is with easy operation similar as you operate the printer. You just put the bundles on the input board of the Paddy thresher. Then the paddy thresher auto input the bundles in line. The paddy thresher have double conveyor to clamp the bundles, so the paddy thresher is more stable and more safe. The paddy thresher does not damage the bundles. The paddy thresher directly let the bundles in, and bundles out automatically.

Straw in bundles can be recycled for more benefit.

The paddy thresher auto load the grain into bag after threshing. As the paddy thresher open one to load, the paddy Thresher prepare another for loading. The paddy Thresher is faster, and more convenient.

The paddy thresher have dust collector available for better working condition. The paddy thresher is with special air indraft design for clean threshing. And the paddy thresher is with special "V" design for auto separating: straw, grain, …

The paddy thresher is light, mobile and more convenient. The paddy thresher can be directly pulled by tractor.


Model Power Productivity Machine Weight Dimension
L * W * H
Note Photo Vedio
5TG-180 electrical motor 15KW 380V
and diesel engine 24hp
2500~4000KGS/Hour 1380KGS 4800*1900*2060mm for paddy Paddy Thresher PaddyThresher5TG-180.jpg (347KB) Thresher.swf (7MB)

All specifications are approximate. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Paddy Thresher 5TG-180
Paddy Thresher 5TG-180
Paddy Thresher 5TG-180
Paddy Thresher 5TG-180
Paddy Thresher 5TG-180
Paddy Thresher 5TG-180

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