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Mini Crane


Mini Crane, China Mini Crane, Small Crane


Themini crane is with specialized truck chassis, and the traveling speed for themini crane is about 75km/h.

Themini crane is already registered in China, so themini crane is convenient for licensing in China.

Themini crane is with lifting weight indicator and lifting height limiter for safety.

Themini crane is with dual power system, so that themini crane can be connected with electrical power for very low running cost.

Themini crane is with special and more reasonable hydraulic system. Even themini crane is without radiator in summer, the hydraulic oil temperature is still normal.

With new scientific design technology and new material to minimize its weight, themini crane is with minimum dimension and weight for the same lifting capacity.


Model Capacity Machine
Dimension Note Photo
MC3 3 ton        
MC4 4 ton        
MC5 5 ton       Mini Crane MC5.jpg (69KB)
MC6 6 ton       Mini Crane MC6.jpg (69KB)
MC7 7 ton       Mini Crane MC7.jpg (69KB)
MC8 8 ton       Mini Crane MC8.jpg (69KB)
MC10 10 ton 10140KGS 8950*2500*3040mm   Mini Crane MC10.jpg (69KB)
MC12 12 ton       Mini Crane MC12.jpg (69KB)

All specifications are approximate. Specifications are subject to change without notice.



Mini Crane MC12
Mini Crane 12 ton



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