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Diesel Forklift 1~50 ton

Gasoline / LPG Forklift 1~10 ton

Battery Forklift 1~5 ton


Model Power Capacity Standard
Max.Lifting Height
Note Photo
CPCD10 Diesel 1t 3m    
CPCD15 Diesel 1.5t 3m    
CPCD20 Diesel 2t 3m    
CPCD25 Diesel 2.5t 3m   Forklift CPCD25.jpg (78KB)
CPCD30 Diesel 3t 3m
CPCD35 Diesel 3.5t 3m    
CPCD40 Diesel 4t 3m   Forklift CPCD40.jpg (50KB)
CPCD45 Diesel 4.5t 3m   Forklift CPCD45.jpg (35KB)
CPCD50 Diesel 5t 3m normal size  
CPCD50 Diesel 5t 3m mini size, specially suitable for limited room and narrow place. Forklift CPCD50.jpg (229KB)
CPCD60 Diesel 6t 3m    
CPCD70 Diesel 7t 3m   Forklift CPCD70.jpg (60KB)
CPCD80 Diesel 8t 3m    
CPCD90 Diesel 9t 3m    
CPCD100 Diesel 10t 3m   Forklift CPCD100.jpg (76KB)
CPCD115 Diesel 11.5t 3m    
CPCD120 Diesel 12t 3m    
CPCD135 Diesel 13.5t 3m    
CPCD140 Diesel 14t 3m    
CPCD150 Diesel 15t 3m    
CPCD160 Diesel 16t 3m    
CPCD180 Diesel 18t 3m    
CPCD200 Diesel 20t 3m    
CPCD230 Diesel 23t 3m    
CPCD250 Diesel 25t 3m    
CPCD280 Diesel 28t 3m    
CPCD300 Diesel 30t 3m    
CPCD320 Diesel 32t 3m    
CPCD360 Diesel 36t 3m    
CPCD450 Diesel 45t 3m    
CPCD500 Diesel 50t 3m    
FD160 Diesel 16t 3m    
FD180 Diesel 18t 3m    
FD200 Diesel 20t 3m    
FD230 Diesel 23t 3m    
FD250 Diesel 25t 3m    
FD280 Diesel 28t 3m    
FD300 Diesel 30t 3m    
FD320 Diesel 32t 3m    
FD360 Diesel 36t 3m    
FD450 Diesel 45t 3m   Forklift FD450.jpg (44KB)
FD500 Diesel 50t 3m    
CPQD10 Gasoline / LPG 1t 3m    
CPQD15 Gasoline / LPG 1.5t 3m    
CPQD20 Gasoline / LPG 2t 3m    
CPQD25 Gasoline / LPG 2.5t 3m    
CPQD30 Gasoline / LPG 3t 3m   Forklift CPQD30.jpg
CPQD35 Gasoline / LPG 3.5t 3m    
CPQD40 Gasoline / LPG 4t 3m    
CPQD45 Gasoline / LPG 4.5t 3m    
CPQD50 Gasoline / LPG 5t 3m    
CPQD60 Gasoline / LPG 6t 3m    
CPQD70 Gasoline / LPG 7t 3m    
CPQD80 Gasoline / LPG 8t 3m    
CPQD90 Gasoline / LPG 9t 3m    
CPQD100 Gasoline / LPG 10t 3m    
CPD10 Battery 1t 3m    
CPD15 Battery 1.5t 3m   Forklift CPD15.jpg
CPD18 Battery 1.8t 3m    
CPD20 Battery 2t 3m    
CPD25 Battery 2.5t 3m
CPD30 Battery 3t 3m    
CPD35 Battery 3.5t 3m
CPD40 Battery 4t 3m    
CPD45 Battery 4.5t 3m
CPD50 Battery 5t 3m    

All specifications are approximate. Specifications are subject to change without notice.



Forklift FD200
Forklift FD200
Forklift FD200
Forklift FD200
Forklift FD200
Forklift FD200



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