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Rice Transplanter

H.S.8432 3031 00



Rice Transplanter 2Z-430


Rice Transplanter 2Z-6300


Rice Transplanter is a specialized transplanter fitted to transplant rice seedlings onto paddy field.



Model Type Engine Drive Planting Methods Planting rows/spacing
Planting Depth Productivity Machine
L * W * H
Note Photo
PF48 hand on 3.2(4.3)KW@4.0(5.5)rpm 2WD rotary planting 4row / 300mm   0.2~0.47hm²/h 175KGS 2480*1480*840(950)mm    
PD60 riding 13.5KW@3600rpm 4WD rotary planting 6row / 300mm 10~35mm 0.2~0.47hm²/h 620KGS 3000*2080*1520mm    
2Z-430 hand on B&S 08300 gasoline engine
  4row / 300mm 865~1332m²/h 258KGS 2140*1240*1300mm   Rice Transplanter 2Z-430.jpg (336KB)
2Z-4300 riding diesel engine 170F
  4row / 300mm 865~1332m²/h 258KGS 2140*1240*1300mm   Rice Transplanter 2Z-4300.jpg (67KB)
2Z-6300 riding diesel engine 170F
  6row / 300mm 1332~2000m²/h 280KGS 2140*2132*1300mm   Rice Transplanter 2Z-6300.jpg (282KB)
2Z-8238 riding diesel engine 175F
  8row / 238mm 1332~1998m²/h 320KGS 2410*2165*1300mm   Rice Transplanter 2Z-8238.jpg (71KB)
2Z-8300 riding

diesel engine 175F

  8row / 300mm 1998~3330m²/h 350KGS 2410*2732*1300mm   Rice Transplanter 2Z-8300.jpg (71KB)
2Z-10175 riding     10row / 175mm          
2Z-10238 riding diesel engine 175F
  10row / 238mm 1998~3330m²/h 350KGS 2145*2700*1300mm    

All specifications are approximate. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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