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Sugarcane Harvester

H.S. 8433 5910


Sugarcane Harvester


Sugarcane harvester reduce much labor cost, and harvest faster and more efficiently.

Now our factory mainly supply Sugarcane harvester for whole stalk harvesting.

This kind of sugarcane harvester cuts the cane at the base of the stalk, and then just strips the leaves off. These whole stalks are then deposited into the collector behind the sugarcane harvester.

Harvested cane by sugarcane harvester whole stalk type can be stored for longer time.


Model Traveling Mode Power for row space Productivity Machine Weight Dimension
L * W * H
4GZ-1 wheeled Cummins 130HP
/ Yuchai 140KW
0.8~1.3m   6000KGS 7000*2200*3000mm Sugarcane Harvester 4GL-1 
4GZ-60 wheeled 47KW 0.8~1.3m   3100KGS 6200*2200*2950mm  
4GL-12 wheeled 15HP 0.8~1.3m 1000m²/H
≥ 5000KGS/Hour
1300KGS 3730*2260*1970mm  

All specifications are approximate. Specifications are subject to change without notice.



Sugarcane harvester 4GZ-1

Sugarcane harvester 4GZ-1



Sugarcane harvester 4GZ-60
Sugarcane Harvester 4GL-15
Sugarcane harvester 4GZ-60

Sugarcane harvester 4GZ-60



Sugarcane harvester 4GL-12

Sugarcane harvester 4GL-12 in harvesting

Sugarcane harvester 4GL-12



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